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The information carriers

The information carriers are round wooden disks with a symbol and a message. They represent a direct crowd funding for the “open house” project.

Everyone can design and send us their individual symbol, or choose a symbol which already exists and which can be charged with a personal message and carried out into the world. By uploading a new symbol, you pass the right on to us to distribute these information carriers into the world with the new symbol or message on a free donation.


The Message of 12×12

12x12The 12 × 12 symbol was the first symbol created. The message behind is the potentiation of energies. When people have the opportunity to pursue what they love and do things with love, energies can not only be doubled but be potentiated – 12 × 12

The collective wisdom is created when each person can live his individual abilities and visions and combines them with the abilities of others to form a big picture – together shaping the world into a better place – into a money-free, religion-free and borderless world and even further.



We are a non-profit shop and your donation will only go into the production of our information carrier, the more you give the more we can produce... Dismiss